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Results ( 9 ) : 2015 - 1.

New Voices in European Criminal Law

Authors: V. Mitsilegas

The Constitutional Significance of EU Criminal Law

Authors: I. Wieczorek, N. Vavoula

The European Investigation Order and the Lack of European Standards for Gathering Evidence: Is a Fundamental Rights-Based Refusal the Solution?

Authors: I. Armada

Abstract: This paper analyses the Directive regarding the European Investigation Order1, which will render enforceable throughout the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice almost any national decision relating to evidence, covering from the freezing of evide...

The Quest for Proportionality for the European Arrest Warrant: Fundamental Rights Protection in a Mutual Recognition Environment

Authors: E. Xanthopoulou

Abstract: The paper examines the impact of the principle of proportionality on the European Arrest Warrant (EAW). The only function of proportionality discussed here concerns the mutual recognition context. The argument is stated against the backdrop of over...

Criminal Conduct and Lack of Integration into the Society under EU Citizenship: This Marriage Is Not to Be Performed

Authors: L. Mancano

Abstract: This paper presents three possible scenarios of interaction between criminal law (and detention in particular) and EU citizenship. The first scenario focuses on the actual relationship between EU criminal law and EU citizenship. The second scenario...

Conflicts of Jurisdiction in Cross-Border Criminal Cases in the Area of Freedom, Security, and Justice: Risks and Opportunities from an Individual Rights-Oriented Perspective

Authors: N.I. Thorhauer

Abstract: The growing internationalisation of crime and criminal justice as well as states’ ambitions to expand their prosecutorial powers beyond their own territory constantly increase the occurrence of conflicts of jurisdiction. With regard to the signific...

To Continue or Not: Who Shall Be in Control of the European Public Prosecutor’s Dismissal Decisions?

Authors: J. Göhler

Abstract: This article intends to present a comprehensive framework for a regime of judicial review on dismissal decisions taken by a future European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO). To clearly outline the process of this judicial review the article poses ...

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office: A Ground-Breaking New Institution of the EU Legal Order

Authors: A. Damaskou

Abstract: The present Article provides an overview and preliminary evaluation of the Commission’s and the Greek and Italian Presidencies’ draft s regarding the Regulation on the Establishment of the European Public Prosecutor’s Office (EPPO). As a background...

The Conclusion of the Eternit Trial

Authors: A. Di Amato