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Results ( 11 ) : 2014 - 4.

EDITORIAL Saving Human Rights in England

Authors: S. Crosby

The Independent Review of UK Terrorism Law

Authors: D. Anderson

The Right to Access to a Lawyer at Police Stations: Making the European Union Directive Work in Practice

Authors: E. Cape, J. Hodgson

Abstract: Recent EU Directives provide for a range of procedural protections for suspects and accused persons, going beyond the more broadly articulated standards set out in the European Convention of Human Rights. These reforms are to be welcomed, but their...

Procedural Safeguards for Juvenile Suspects in Interrogations: A Look at the Commission’s Proposal in Light of an EU Comparative Study

Authors: D. De Vocht, M. Panzavolta, M. Vanderhallen, M. Van Oosterhout

Abstract: This article discusses the recent European Commission’s Proposal for a Directive on procedural safeguards for children suspected and accused in criminal proceedings and the protection that it offers to juvenile suspects during interrogations. Given...

The Contribution of the Court of Justice to the Structuring of the European Space of Fundamental Rights

Authors: D. Ritleng

Abstract: With the Melloni and Akerberg Fransson judgments, the Court of Justice has greatly helped to define the articulation of the different systems of legal protection of fundamental rights in the European Union, by providing useful guidance on the scope...

Ne bis in idem and the Enforcement Condition: Balancing Freedom, Security and Justice?

Authors: M. Wasmeier

Abstract: A transnational ne bis in idem rule (or: prohibition of double jeopardy) is a core element of the area of freedom, security and justice. It has been given different expressions in Article 50 of the Charter and Article 54 of the Convention Implement...