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Results ( 20 ) : 2015 - 04.

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Authors: M. Egidi

Speeches by Frans Timmermans

Authors: F. Timmermans

Speeches by Giovanni Melillo

Authors: G. Melillo

Speeches by Vassilios Skouris

Authors: V. Skouris

Speeches by Paola Severino

Authors: P. Severino

The Genesis of Protocol 36

Authors: T. Blanchet

Abstract: Protocol 36 on transitional provisions was annexed to the EU Treaties at the Intergovernmental Conference of 2007, which negotiated the Lisbon Treaty, in order to organise the transition between the previous EU and EC Treaties and the Treaties as a...

The Symbiotic Relationship Between Mutual Trust and Fundamental Rights in Europe’s Area of Criminal Justice

Authors: V. Mitsilegas

Abstract: The entry into force of the Treaty of Lisbon has brought questions of the compatibility of aspects of EU criminal law – and in particular the application of the principle of mutual recognition in criminal matters – with fundamental rights. The cons...