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Results ( 8 ) : 2013 - 4.

The UK, Turkey and the Convention

Authors: S. Crosby

The EU and the Protection of Fundamental Rights

Authors: C. Wong

Fundamental Rights in the European Legal Order, both as a Limit on Punitive Power and as a Source of Positive Obligations to Criminalise

Authors: A.M. Maugeri

Abstract: This article examines, first of all, the role of fundamental rights in the evolution of European law through the interpretation of the ECtHR (above all in the so-called ‘pilot’ judgments) and the CJEU, and, secondly, how the recognition of fundamen...

Data Mining and Profiling in the Area of Freedom, Security and Justice. State of Play and New Challenges in the Balance between Security and Fundamental Rights Protection

Authors: R. Sicurella, V. Scalia

Abstract: This article analyses the impact of the use of data processing mechanisms (i.e. data mining and profiling) as investigative tools on the fundamental rights of individuals. It highlights the pressing need to achieve a fair balance between social sec...

Protecting Criminal Defence Rights through EU Law: Opportunities and Challenges

Authors: A. Tinsley

Abstract: The article examines the concretisation of criminal defence rights under EU law through a set of Directives designed to strengthen procedural safeguards. The article reviews the origins of the new measures, designed to provide a stronger basis for ...

The EU and Death Penalty Abolition: the Limited Prospects of Judicial Cooperation in Criminal Matters as an External Policy Tool

Authors: E. Vandebroek, F. Verbruggen

Abstract: After having eradicated the death penalty from its own territory about ten years ago, the EU shift ed its focus towards retentionist states outside its borders. Given the importance of extradition and mutual legal assistance, the refusal of coopera...