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Results ( 7 ) : 2015 - 2.

The CJEU as a Defender of Mutual Trust

Authors: T. Ostropolski

Abstract: Even if mutual trust is considered to be the cornerstone of judicial cooperation in criminal matters, it still lacks an explicit normative basis. Therefore, it required consolidation in judicial practice. The present article looks into the position...

Evidence Gathering in the Realm of the European Investigation Order: From National Rules to Global Principles

Authors: M. Daniele

Abstract: At first blush the Directive on the European Investigation Order does not seem revolutionary. It does not unify or harmonize the European legislations, and oft en reworks some old schemes of the previous evidence-gathering tools. However, if one co...

Directive 2014/42/EU and Social Reuse of Confiscated Assets in the EU: Advancing a Culture of Legality

Authors: S. Montaldo

Abstract: The article considers the EU legal framework on the disposal of confiscated assets and instrumentalities of crime, mainly focusing on their reuse for social purposes. Directive 2014/42/EU reinforces the tools for tracing and recovering the proceeds...

Directive 2014/42/EU and Non-Conviction Based Confiscation: A Step Forward on Asset Recovery?

Authors: M. Simonato

Abstract: Depriving criminals of the control over the proceeds of crime has for several reasons become a priority on the national and international agenda. In the last decade, the European Union has adopted several legal instruments on asset recovery. Howeve...

Fighting the European Ecomafia: Organised Trafficking in Waste and the Need for a Criminal Law Response from the EU

Authors: G. Giardi

Abstract: Organised crime groups have been profiting from illicit trafficking in waste for decades at the expense of human health and the environment. The damage resulting from this activity is severe and oft en irreversible. To this day, national and intern...

Competition or Cooperation? State of Play and Future Perspectives on the Relations Between Europol, Eurojust and the European Judicial Network

Authors: A. Weyembergh, I. Armada, C. Brière

Abstract: This article analyses the cooperation between EU agencies and bodies active in the fight against serious cross-border crime. It focuses on the cooperation between Europol and Eurojust on the one hand, and between Eurojust and the European Judicial ...